Get Your Freelance Writing Questions Answered — Free!

I’ve started a free, weekly live call, The Freelance Writer’s Free-for-All.

It’s a fun, freewheeling event that takes place every Wednesday at noon.

What happens? I eat lunch and answer your questions about how to earn more from writing. I used to be able to get to all those mailbag questions on my blog, but at this point I get too many, so I started this call to get more questions answered.

Send me a question and I’ll try to answer it on the call. I’ll send you a link to the recording, just in case you don’t make it to the call live.

I’m bringing on a series of rockin’ guest co-hosts…next Wednesday for instance it’s Allena Tapia, the freelance writing expert from

On the first call, questions included —

  • What’s the best way to raise your rates?
  • How can I break in as a freelance writer?
  • What’s the best-paying type of writing?

Listen to the first Free-for-All recording and find out my answers.

I look forward to seeing your questions!

How to Find the Great-Paying Online Writing Gigs

Where are the good-paying gigs? I answer this mailbag question today on my blog.

Also making a special 48-hour-only offer — sign for my upcoming Webinar, How to Make Good Money Writing Online, by end of Thursday and get an additional, one-hour Webinar recording link and PDF report — How to Break in and Earn Big as a Freelance Writer — a $20 value, for free!